64 Worst: No Metro Service to Dodger Stadium vs. Americana at Brand


cheesecake.jpgWhich is worse: No Metro Service to Dodger Stadium or Americana at Brand?

The Dodgers have called Los Angeles home for 50 years. To celebrate, they added 1000 parking spaces for your 4-wheeled convenience. Subway? Nope. Streetcar? Keep dreaming. Shuttle? We’re still waiting in line to get to the Coliseum. MetroRiderLA reported Metro’s failure for that historic occasion on every level. Crappy shuttles, long wait for trains, and one very blue fanbase:

Some fans were still stranded at Dodger Stadium while the game had been going on for an hour some six miles away. These people will likely never attempt to go to a baseball game without a car ever again.

For another spectacle, we turn to the world of development and retail. Very, very exciting. Especially when your host is Rick Caruso, the Greatest American Ever to Set Foot in Glendale. Rick is the brain behind The Grove. You’re welcome. For his next trick, he delivers Americana at Brand. This new shopping/dining/unaffordable housing thing will have its own trolley and a street named after its Founding Father. It will also provide Glendalians with a much needed Cheesecake Factory. CurbedLA reports that [email protected] will also feature a “Spirit of American Youth” statue:

The statue is a re-creation of the 1949 sculpture at the Omaha Beach Memorial in France that commemorates soldiers who died on Normandy Beach.

Kinda makes you wish both of these were April Fool’s jokes, no?

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Photo of a chain restaurant from optionthis’ photostream

11 thoughts on “64 Worst: No Metro Service to Dodger Stadium vs. Americana at Brand”

  1. For purely selfish reasons, I’m fine with [email protected] because I can ride my bike there. Even if I’m driving, Glendale in general is just more bearable than fighting my way west when I need that mall experience or a Whole Foods excursion. Of course I may soon be eating my words if [email protected] is a smashing success.

  2. you can take the 2 or the 4 to sunset/innes and walk up the hill. what, you think in boston and new york the subway drops you off in front of the ticket window?

  3. I want to cry foul because [email protected] isn’t even open yet, so how could anybody possibly make an informed decision?

    I live in Glendale, and I’m keeping an open mind until the Christmas shopping season snarls traffic.

  4. I’ll wait to pass judgement on [email protected] It may actually turn out to be something pretty good. I mean if the folks at Westfield hated it so bad to fight it the way they did it must have some potential to be a crowd please.

    The lack of metro to Dodger stadium is inexcusable.

  5. Gotta be the lack of Metro service to the ballpark. I live less than a mile from a Goldline station, but I still don’t think I can get there from here.

    One might think that Frank McCourt isn’t all that interested in Metro bringing fans to his stadium. After all, he’s raping every car that drives through the gate for $15 just to park. (Don’t even get me started on $31 for tickets all the way up on the Reserved deck, or $11 for a beer, etc.)

  6. It’s laughable that a city the size of LA doesn’t even provide mass transit to its major cultural attractions, let alone most of the city.

  7. That’s my photo y’all used for this piece and I can tell you I had PLENTY OF TIME to take it, as I was stuck in my car for approximately 20-30 minutes trying to find an entrance, any entrance, to the regular Glendale Galleria parking structure. I made a mistake, turned down this street, and got stuck staring at the Americana on Brand.

    I pray they do something to alleviate the intense, terrible traffic. They have made that area of Glendale 15X worse than say, the intersection of 3rd and Fairfax or Fairfax and Beverly. If they do nothing, nobody will be able to go to Rick Caruso’s disgusting wet dream of capitalistic extravagance.

    PS I hate the Cheesecake Factory with a Satanic passion.

  8. Can we just call this a wash…

    I just moved to Studio City from Glendale to get away from this Death Star. But I would love a little metro action to the Ravine.

  9. Wow, both of these things are so not in my world I can’t even comment, but I will. I have a cold I’m stuck at my computer, though I may go to the Brewery tomorrow for the artwalk.


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