ICME: Uh Oh, Someone Might Be Mad At Me

My first blog post in the “64 Worst” series was about McMansions vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop. (Currently the vote is dead even…) I went out to empty my trash and was greeted by this lovely item out my back gate. Hmmmm. Has some disgruntled dog owner figured out where I live?

If you want to get the full impact, just click on over to the other side. (But if you are eating lunch, come back later…)


8 thoughts on “ICME: Uh Oh, Someone Might Be Mad At Me”

  1. charming….medium sized dog, bad diet should be easy to track down the owner and rub his/her nose in it. The owners nose for the sake of clarification.

  2. yes…that is why I highly recommend the owners nose be rubbed in it. Dogs are only following natures course, let the owner suffer the consequence.

  3. Is this a rarity in your neighborhood, ’cause it isn’t in mine.
    Maybe due to the proximity of Runyon Canyon, our sidewalks are littered in landmines.

  4. I’ve seen plenty of poop on lawns and on the hellstrips, but never just right out in the middle of the sidewalks…that’s what surprised me the most…

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