ICME: Ramones hi tops

Gabba Gabba Hey!  Spotted these puppies at Action Footwear my most favorite shoe shop when you have kids.  The memories came flooding back.  The Ramones, small clubs on Sunset…sigh.  Makes me wanna spike my hair and tint it purple again.

Then my middle child reminded me those are “old school”.  Damn I hate it when they remind me I am getting old!  The only thing worse is hearing the songs from high-school relegated to being muzak at the grocery store.  Youth is highly over rated.  Snarky kid wants texting after that?

Action Footwear if you need a pair to call your own: 420S Myrtle Ave, Old Town Monrovia 91016 (I just got the connection with the address and the shoes, the dayquil is finally wearing off)

Pic by me with the trust phone cam.  It doesn’t get any bigger.

Happy 300 to me. Posts that is, still annoying you one keystroke at a time.

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