Win Groove Armada Tickets for This Saturday Night!!!

groovearmada4.jpgSo Saturday night, Groove Armada is playing downtown at City Hall with Jason Bentley doing a DJ set. The festivities start at 6pm…. which is pretty early in my book. They must be closing off the street area and doing it open air. Anyway… as I’ve mentioned before, here at, we’re all about the give!

If you want to win two tickets to this event, tell us what ‘Groove Armada’ means…. what it really means, or what you think it means. Our esteemed panel of judges will pick a winner.
And don’t forget to use your real email address so we can hook you up!

4 thoughts on “Win Groove Armada Tickets for This Saturday Night!!!”

  1. Of course they are a flotilla of party boats, DJ’s spinning and boats a-rockin’.

  2. It’s a reference to the unstoppable “fleet” of people following the groove. The spanish armada was defeated by the English in 1588 but the English Groove can not be stopped.

    (also my sister is in town visiting this weekend and a couple of tickets to this show would definitely up my cool brother factor)

  3. In german: Nut armada.
    In Dutch: groef armada.
    In Russian: armada паза.
    In Italian: armada della scanalatura.

    I think I’d like to see them in Italian Saturday night please.


  4. Groove is a pleasurable experience and an Armada is a large group of moving things, so Groove Armada is large group of people jumping and rocking together in one shared pleasurable musical experience!

    If you have ever been to a Groove Armada set, you know that you can’t help getting swept up in the crowd of jumping bodies grooving to the beat!

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