Who Needs a Roof When Skid Row Has Lights?


Mayor V had a big announcement for Skid Row today. He announced plans to install 100 pedestrian light fixtures on the streets. The project is intended to reduce the number of sidewalk drug sales.

Personally, I always find it easier to make any type of business transaction with better lighting. Never count your paper in the dark.

KTLA reports that the mayor was interrupted by protesters demanding more housing for the homeless. What are they so angry about? At least they can now aim when they pee.

Photo of someone’s home from mattlogelin’s photostream

3 thoughts on “Who Needs a Roof When Skid Row Has Lights?”

  1. “never count your paper in the dark” precisely my thought. Never will mistake a 10 for a 20 in bright lights.

  2. Wouldn’t this just move Bad People(tm) from the lighted areas to the unlit ones?

    And wouldn’t money be more wisely spent actually addressing the root causes of homelessness? Wouldn’t that reduce crime and be generally better for everyone in the long run?

  3. And these additional lights will prevent many from waiting to get home to count their rocks.

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