Van Nuys senator proposes bill to allow ban on apartment smoking

Let’s face it: smokers can be some of the rudest asshats on the planet. They’ll defend their addiction to nicotine as a right to the bitter end, even at the expense of the comfort of their neighbors.

That said, God bless State Senator Alex Padilla (Democrat, Van Nuys), who has just proposed a bill that would allow landlords to ban smoking inside of rental units.

Normally, I’d argue that if people wanted to smoke in the comfort of their own home to go right ahead and turn those lungs into tar (death by lung cancer being so pleasant and rare and all). However, its the all too common smokers that can make apartment living as they suck on a pack below, blowing smoke out their window so it drifts up into yours. Not to mention their tendency to make courtyards unpleasant as they congregate and cloud the air, then leave behind overflowing ashtrays and the ground littered with butts.

I’m not asking for a law like the one in Calabasas that bans smoking outright in most rental properties, just some ammunition for the landlords who are sick of hearing their tenants complain about the asshat smokers they have to live with.

We Are The Superlative Conspiracy (tonight in SM)


That flyer pretty much gives you all the details you need to know but tonight at Robert Berman Gallery from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station there will be WeActivist art shot (in conjunction with Nylon Magazine) and my guess is that it’s going to be packed as all get out. If you want to go see the scene (and it will be a scene with artists like Jason Lee, Chris Pastras, Clint Peterson, Chad Robertson, Sage Vaughn, Alex Prager, Par Strömberg, Mercedes Helnwein and more) then make sure you are there early. If you want to see the art, maybe it’s a better idea to swing by later in the week?

Pasadena’s Blair HS Gunman Update

3/1/08 No Gun or Gunman found. 1st Amendment Shot down instead? blairhsescorted.jpg 

David Markland reported the lock down resulting from a reported gunman on Pasadena’s Blair High School yesterday afternoon HEREThe Pasadena Star News has the full story of the event ending with a happy result, no gun and no students hurt. Reports indicated at one point a “person of interest” was detained but no arrests were made. (Picture by PSN staff photographer Sarah Reingewirtz from todays article, full series of photos for viewing and purchase HERE).

The photo depicts students being escorted by police to an area believed to be the gym.  The hands above your head is part of PUSD established sniper drill  lock down drill procedure.

The more interesting story for me unfolded as a side bar to the event involving press access to the parents.  The Crime Scene Blog was doing real time updates during the event HERE, HERE and HERE.  What the group writing at Crime Scene Blog reported is that at one point during the lock down one of their reporters heard a commander tell the officers to separate the parents and media.  They later reported and alleged that the separation was due to an interview with KCAL9 where parent Christina Anderson in an interview said her “sense of security was shattered.”   Another instance of the People’s Republic of Pasadena’s respect for the First Amendment which I reported HERE?

Urban Jungle: In The Hall Of The Raccoon King

3:38 this morning. Dog barks twice determinedly, pauses long enough to let me drift back off to sleep then barks once more and I’m up to investigate the source of the disturbance. Masked prowler? Of sorts. And a magnificently plush, large and well fed one at that (click to triplify):

Alerted to my presence it climbed down from the porch railing and past the front door, which when I yanked open prompted it to climb back up the other railing and come back across to the porch where it clambored up the pergola onto the roof. Did I emerge into the cold morning in nothing but my boxers and my camera to climb atop the bench and see where it went? You know it. The three resulting snaps of His royal raccoon magnificence are on the other side of the jump, with the first of the bunch being my fave (and all triplificatable).
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Supreme Master Knows


Yes, it is good to have the ads everywhere. We are more informeds of the things that we needs to knows. Last time we knowed of what to eats for the Presidents day, and it was the pork chops. But now it is true that we should not eat the chops of the pork, for it is bad for the porks and the ice melt, and we are going to die from the gases. I founds out that the right way is to go veg and be green, for that will be better and the Supreme Master agrees. Based on the latest satellite data sited in a December 2007 article, the gas will be released from the ocean and we will all be poisoned by the gas, from the ocean, and it’s a lot of gas, enough to kill everyone. I want the polar bear to not drown so I will go veg and be green. The bus tells me the things that I wants to know, and the Supreme Master is helping us to be the better place for the grand benefits of the earth.

Thank you Dash bus for introducing us to the love of the Supreme Master. Like the Honorable Antonio R. Villaraigosa, commented:

Supreme Master Television offers a viable alternative� you promote programs of peace and brotherhood �your station offers examples of compassion and love� Supreme Master Television reminds us of our shared humanity and our common commitment to building a better world for ourselves and our children.�

When we go up into the heaven together in the peaceful raising of us all, I will forever be a grateful for Dash bus ads bringing me the knowledge of the go veg be green love of the Supreme Master.