ICME: Lookin’ for Love

Seen taped to a paperbox outside of the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Los Feliz. I decided not to block out the email on the off chance any of our astute readers felt compelled to send this enterprising fellow some dating advice.

(edit: WTF does “inhale-to” mean?)

No Cussing Week declared in So. Pas

nocussbanner.jpg  In October we reported that South Pasadena High School student McKay Hatch had approached the City Council and asked for a “no cussing ordinance” HERE.   They didn’t give him the ordinance but they did toss him a bone and named this week “no cussing week” which the Pasadena Star News has  a full story on this morning.  Even  KABC7 has ran a bit this morning as well on the topic. 

 All very interesting and no doubt there are probably better words most of the time to get your point across and skip the f-bomb for punctuation.  McKay’s parents deserve a nod in raising a kid who will stand up and work the system to get what he believes in heard and acted upon.  There is even a “No Cussing Club” web site with merchandise available…yeah they are making a buck or two off this site that now has some 50 countries with anti-swearers signed up.

Win Tickets to Balkan Beat Box…err, Kinda!


Under normal circumstances, you would do well to ignore my musical recommendations, unless you’re into accordions and the heavy tuba beats of that chuntaro crap that makes you roll up the car windows in a futile attempt to block it out. But even though I don’t know much about music I’m excited to check out Balkan Beat Box this Friday the 7th at El Rey Theatre as their gypsy-punk style is the kind of sound you want to experience live. Mixing a variety of musical traditions and lots of brass instruments for good measure, it’s the kind of sound that reminds you music is also meant to be celebratory. And did I mention we have 5 pairs of tickets to give away? Click ahead for the details.

UPDATE: Uh, nevermind. Show is canceled.

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Are City Councilmen strangling kittens?

LOL Cats strangling each otherLast week the North County Times published a story about L.A.’s new pet sterilization law with the following passage:

“We will, sooner rather than later, become a no-kill city, and this is the greatest step in that direction,” Councilman Tony Cardenas, who co-authored the bill, said as he strangled a kitten at a City Hall news conference.

The AP story this originated from read that Cardenas “held” the kitten, who is apparently in perfectly good health. Minus its balls (thanks Tony!).

The editor who made the change called it an “unfortunate joke” that mistakenly made its way into print. He’s been fired. A co-editor was suspended.

…via Associated Press…pic from I Can Has Cheezburger

Have Mayor Will Travel


This just in… Mayor V is back from his travels. He says his road tripping is good for L.A.

From KFI:

He has been criticized for spending too much time away from the city working for Clinton’s presidential campaign. The mayor defended his trips saying this presidential election is critical to bringing more money and federal programs to L.A.

Great success! All is well in Los Angeles! Good night, Crips. Good night, Bloods.

Welcome to Los Angeles, Esteemed Guest!

I spent an hour last night writing a letter to our wedding guests, who will start arriving in Southern California in about 48 hours. We suggested Pasadena to our guests because it was the closest hotel zone to the venue – not counting downtown. We were NOT letting our relatives from Pittsburgh stay in downtown L.A., for fear they would take a wrong turn and end up in the third world slum that is Skid Row. In Pasadena, they can’t really go to a bad part of town because there isn’t one I know of.

Anyways, the letter was the usual stuff – welcome to Pasadena, here’s where you can find stuff. Here’s the letter we WANTED to write. And didn’t.

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ICME: Fix Your Accent

Spotted outside the Beverly Center.

My question is how do they fix it?

“My accent is not ridiculous enough, can you fix that?”

Of course!

“I have an accent that sounds Russian, but I’m from the Bulgaria.  Can you fix that?”


“Small animals burst into flames when I say certain words.  Can you fix that?”

No, you’re a dragon.  Accept yourself and move to a less populated area.

Or maybe it’s just an enterprising Hyundai repairman.

An L.A. connection to the Vegas Ricin case?

Roger Van Bergendorff, 57, has been comatose in critical condition at a Las Vegas hospital for over two weeks for what is suspected as exposure to ricin. Vials of the deadly agent were discovered by cleaners in his hotel room, along with an “anarchist handbook” with a section on “how to make ricin” tabbed, and castor beans, the prime ingredient in making ricin.

Yesterday the New York Times reported that Bergendorff “is believed to be a computer graphic artist whose work has appeared on several science fiction novels.” An online search reveals that a “Roger Bergendorff” signed and numbered a limited edition series of “UCLA Legends” prints that he had painted, featuring images of John Wooden, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and other classic players.

Roger Van Bergendorff was also related to Fred Bergendorff, a long time marketing director at KNX 1070 News Radio, who passed away in Brea at the end of January after a long illness. Continue reading An L.A. connection to the Vegas Ricin case?

Pasadena Bloggers at it…still

 First the big news out of the Peoples Republic of Pasadena…the big winner of the Visual Artists Guild best photo incorporating protest of the Bejing Olympics at the Rose Parade is blogger, and often commenter here West Coast Girlie Blather.  Congrats, I think!?

Former mayoral candidate Aaron Proctor has a few things going on in his blog including discussion on term limits and then proves the pols actually have a sense of humor when they participate in a game where they all get porn star names.

One of the more enlightening blogs based on the belief that conservatives own the net and all the blogs has come forward with a cry to regulate it.  Interesting reading in the pasadena new progressive (pnp) that seems to forget that the laws governing print media have been applied here so I wonder what she hopes to accomplish advocating further regulation. 

Given the PnP censors contrary opinions (those of us who read and respond keep track of how little she approves) its a small wonder she maintains the press censorship ideals of the Peoples Republic of Pasadena China.  The full article that got her rolling on this rant about clamping down and regulating the net more can be found in an essay by Sam Vaknin Phd in the Global Politician.  (Do be warned that reading her blog can be difficult as she hasn’t figured out how to use blogger’s hyperlink tools and pastes in the entire alphabet soup of a URL into her posts).

Finally, Pasadena’s Political Underbelly takes a shot a lampooning Pnp in their post “PUSD attack dog bites her own ass”.

Now put on those rose colored glasses and enjoy the spectrum that is Pasadena!

Nova Express to Close Landing Bay Doors for Good

Photo by Flickr user Crashworks, used under Creative Commons

I’m sad to report that Cary Long, owner of the unique and bizarre Nova Express Cafe in the Fairfax District, announced in an email over the weekend that he’s closing the doors after fifteen years due to financial difficulties:

The Nova Express Cafe has existed to make the claim that a unique artistic cafe is an important part of the cultural ecology of the modern urban landscape.

Essentially, Nova Express Cafe is an art project designed to explore the parameters of how a kind of art, based on the importance of community and generally motivated by an idea of fun, can function in society.

However, The Nova Express Cafe has existed outside the normal channels of either capital investment or art world patronage and now faces severe economic difficulties. The cafe will be closing Wednesday, March 5.

The last fifteen years have been a great romantic adventure! Thanks and goodbye!

LAist is reporting that the closure is also partly due to Long’s desire to pursue a career as a sculptor.

Cinephiles Beware the Dome

Last Friday I finally got around to seeing There Will Be Blood over at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood. I wanted to see the film under the best circumstances possible with particular consideration paid to the picture quality. TWBB was in fact shot and posted with a minimum of digital enhancement, most notably where the final color-timing is concerned. (You can read all about it in January’s edition of American Cinematographer Magazine).

Many movies these days go through what is called a digital intermediate. This means that the movie is shot on film, scanned into a computer at two or four thousand lines of resolution, digitally enhanced or altered (the intermediate), and then captured back to film using a laser camera. The “old” way of doing things was to shoot the film on film, then using a series of red, blue, and green printer lights, a colorist would adjust the luminance and chrominance values of the picture, then print the results from the negative directly to film (for more information, read Richard Crudo, ASC’s “A Call for Digital Printer Lights”).

This analogue method of coloring tends to work more within the parameters of a particular film stock’s unique “look”, unlike the DI process which can extend the colorist’s reach beyond the boundaries of the original negative’s capabilities.

That being said, TWBB is a gorgeous film. Having now seen it I can see why Elswit won the Oscar. Each scene has its own look and speaks with its own visual language. I was originally going to see it at the Dome on Sunset when it was playing there a few weeks ago, because as far as I knew the Dome had the best picture and sound in Hollywood. I asked a friend at work if he wanted to come along. He shook his head.

“If you’re going to see that movie, then don’t see it at the Dome,” he replied. “The Dome sucks.”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because every movie I’ve seen there looks like shit,” he stated.

 Find out why after the jump…

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L.A. considers selling naming rights to city services

The Sparkletts Fire Department? The Prius Department of Public Transportation? Under consideration.

Desperate to close the city’s $150 million budget gap, members of the Los Angeles City Council are thinking outside the box with ideas ranging from increasing the number and cost of parking meters (Bill Rosendahl’s idea) to charging arrestees the cost of police time (Dennis Zine’s).

Oh yeah, and “selling advertising or naming rights to city facilities.”

Among the options suggested has been selling ads for gunmaker Smith & Wesson on police cars around the “To protect and serve” logo – or renaming the new police headquarters after Glock, another gunmaker.

The transport division could be renamed after a car, such as the politically correct Prius.

Fire trucks could be sponsored by an insurance company or a brush-clearance firm. The DWP could have its trucks emblazoned with Sparkletts water ads.

Brilliant! Here’s some more ideas, City Council: Parking tickets could have coupons attached ($1 off 8 pack of Nathans hot dogs), court rooms could have commercial interruptions (today’s murder trial brought to you by Pinkberry!), and, well… readers? Any suggestions you can leave in the comments?  [source: Daily News ]

We Got A Face Lift!

I’ve been awake an absolute stupid amount of time the last 4 days getting this in working order (in fact it’s been something in one stage of development or another for almost a year) so I’ll keep this announcement brief. New sites, we has them. There is a lot for me to show off but I’m exhausted so it’ll have to wait for later this week. While we finish migrating things there’s going to be a bunch of weird things happening on the site and things breaking and not working as expected. Please hang in there and all should be running much smoother in a few days. In the meantime, hope you like the new look!

The Readers Strike Back!

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