64 Worst: Cost of Buying A House vs. 110 Freeway

Following up on this morning‘s topic of crazy rent pricing, is the outrageous cost of buying a house. IrvineHousingBlog covers our pathological need to compete and how out of whack out housing pricing is — when LA County’s median income is half of what is needed to buy a median priced home, there is something terribly, terribly wrong. Thankfully the idiots that ruined the market for the rest of us are getting their comeuppance…

Even if you could afford to buy a home, you prolly wouldn’t want to put it along the 110 Freeway. Home to the most recent rash of Freeway shooting to the South and adorable, but antiquated construction to the North, this first freeway is where Americans go to die on the road.

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14 thoughts on “64 Worst: Cost of Buying A House vs. 110 Freeway”

  1. I hate to say it but I actually like the 110 starting with the idiots slamming their brakes last minute and diving into the exit tube for the 5, through the totally unbanked “ess” curves to the screeching halt of a traffic light when it ends in PAS. Never a dull drive.

    Houseing…pffftttt it is what it is and you find a way to make it work. If all else fails get a box under the 605.

  2. Gotta say, the north end of the 110 is my favorite freeway. The only thing that kills the fun is the idiots who don’t know how to drive it and slam on the brakes for every curve.

  3. Maybe some specificity is needed in regards for the 110. Are we voting for the entire highway 110, from Pedro to Pasadena? Or are we just voting for the Harbor Freeway portion, or America’s first freeway, the 1940’s Pasadena portion. Cuz I love the Arroyo Secco Parkway, and avoid using the car-choked Harbor.

    Either way, housing prices suck. 1/2 million dollar homes and I still have to deal with noise, trash, graffiti, guns, and gangs. I’m with Marx: Property is theft!

  4. The Pasadena Freeway is the best freeway to drive in L.A. And hell, even the Harbor isn’t so bad for most of its length. Really the only place where the 110 sucks is from roughly Expo to the 5.

  5. Love the 110. It ends quite near my place in Pasadena, and gets me to Dodger games in 12 minutes; Kings games in 17.

    Buying a house, on the other hand? Sadly, I can’t imagine ever being able to afford a house anywhere that I’d want to live in L.A., and my income is more than the average family of four in the United States. There is something terribly wrong with that.

  6. The 110 is evil. It’s one of the reasons I stopped driving. Ok what’s the deal with around the pretty section towards Pasadena? Firs there is the stop sign and then you have two whole feet of onramp to get up to the speed of 250 mph, how is that even possible?

    Why aren’t more people dying on that thing, but as far as traffic I think the 405 going to the valley or the airport is like satan’s driveway or something, if there was road to hell, the 405 has got to be one of the ways to get there…at least the 110 is beautiful, beautiful and useless, except late at night.


  7. Browne…I agree the 405 is really bad. But the road to hell is the 210 West from Lake Ave until it ends starting at about 3PM in the evening rush. in the morning its the 210 East from just before the 57 from about 7AM until 11 AM.

    In the evening I can save 30-45 minutes by taking side streets from central Pasadena to Monrovia.

    The Pasadena section of the 110 is so old that when built the short onramps weren’t as much an issue as the speed limit was something like 45 and not many cars go much more than that. It wasn’t until the big horsepower race of the 50’s that speed of traffic on the freeway became an issue and the shortness/stop signs on the onramps became a siginficant issue. Still I love the old 110 as it is fun to drive.

  8. “But the road to hell is the 210 West from Lake Ave until it ends starting at about 3PM” Frazgo

    To me it all has to do with destination, there are places on the 210 that I might want to go to, so it can’t be the devil. Maybe an ex-boyfriend’s house that you kind of still occasionally see, but really shouldn’t because he’s not good for you, that’s the 210.

    I can’t really think of any stops on the 405 that I want to go to. I even hate LAX.

    I fly out of Burbank whenever I can even if it costs more money.

    My alma mater Mount St Mary’s is along the 405. That’s pretty much the only thing that gives me good memories about the 405. I always have to tell a little college story and everyone around me gets very annoyed by that, so that’s even a bad thing.

    I remember when I graduated I thought, “Wow this is going to be so great, I won’t have to write papers anymore…” Yeah I was a little out of it, I forgot about the whole making money is actually slightly harder than writing papers and taking exams…


  9. Real estate prices will sap this city of its culture, diversity and workforce long before the 110 does.

    They have already forced most working-class folks to live outside the city and commute in to work, which does far greater damage to L.A.’s health and tranquility than a single freeway – even the hated 110 – ever will.

    Last time I recall reading a stat (can’t recall the source), housing market reports said that only 13 percent of people living in Los Angeles can afford to own a home here. Maybe the housing market downturn will help raise that number … maybe not.

  10. Waltarrrr, sorry for being a stickler but it was French anarchist Pierre-Joseph Proudhon who said “Property is theft.”
    BTW, I love the 110 Arroyo Seco Parkway, it’s one of the many reasons Northeast LA is such a great neighborhood to live in, that and the guy who sells leather belts for $5 bucks in the Vons parking lot.

  11. 110. When rain comes, cars go boom. Crash in Arroyo. Leave window open rainy nighttimes, cascade of metal will follow. Soothing. Me like curvy scary fwy.

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