San Marino Home Infested with Honey-Making Bees

Photo by Flickr user MrClean1982, used under Creative Commons

One wouldn’t expect the tony neighborhood of San Marino to be the kind of place where crazy people let a million bees share their home:

As many as a million yellow-and-black squatters scattered throughout the Stathatos’ home are responsible for the sweet situation, according to Dustin Mackey, a bee-buster for Bee Specialist.

Mackey visited the home on Feb. 26 and Feb. 28 to make a window and a wood-plank floor bee-free zones. He estimates the bees have been living in the two-story Tudor estate for a quarter of a century.

And, after 25 years as housemates, the bees have left a reminder of their existence: honey purging through the wall.

I know that bees are relatively benign, but the idea of my walls being packed with a swarming, writhing mass of bees and honeycomb totally makes me squirm.

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3 thoughts on “San Marino Home Infested with Honey-Making Bees”

  1. God that’s the first bee-related news I’ve heard in a good couple of years that is “ZOMG there’s a bunch of bees!” instead of “ZOMG what happened to all the bees!?” If I were that family I wouldn’t want to destroy the hive either

  2. I may be way, way too much of a bee enthusiast, but the idea of living inside of a house that oozes honey and buzzes with the activity of a beehive seems awesome to me. If they didn’t want the house anymore, I’d move right in.

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