L.A. considers selling naming rights to city services

March 3, 2008 at 10:03 am in Politics

The Sparkletts Fire Department? The Prius Department of Public Transportation? Under consideration.

Desperate to close the city’s $150 million budget gap, members of the Los Angeles City Council are thinking outside the box with ideas ranging from increasing the number and cost of parking meters (Bill Rosendahl’s idea) to charging arrestees the cost of police time (Dennis Zine’s).

Oh yeah, and “selling advertising or naming rights to city facilities.”

Among the options suggested has been selling ads for gunmaker Smith & Wesson on police cars around the “To protect and serve” logo – or renaming the new police headquarters after Glock, another gunmaker.

The transport division could be renamed after a car, such as the politically correct Prius.

Fire trucks could be sponsored by an insurance company or a brush-clearance firm. The DWP could have its trucks emblazoned with Sparkletts water ads.

Brilliant! Here’s some more ideas, City Council: Parking tickets could have coupons attached ($1 off 8 pack of Nathans hot dogs), court rooms could have commercial interruptions (today’s murder trial brought to you by Pinkberry!), and, well… readers? Any suggestions you can leave in the comments?  [source: Daily News ]

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