Southwest Airlines Bans Pretty Teens For Life — OMG!!1! SO UNFAIR!

February 29, 2008 at 10:30 am in Fashion

Only the lamest airplane airline evar!

Um okay, so like these girls? Nisreen Swedberg and Sarah Williams? They are like 18 year old students from Tampa? And they came to Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day for a vacation? But their flight was like totally lame and they were fully discriminated against by the airline–I mean totally!!11! And just because they are young and pretty? And now they can’t ever fly on Southwest again? Well who would want to after hearing their story??!

Here’s Sarah’s totally correct explanation about the whole deal:

“I think they were just discriminating against because we were young decent-looking girls. I mean, nobody else on the plane looked like us except us,” she said. “[The flight attendants] were like older ladies. We were younger. Who knows, they could have been just jealous of us because we were younger.”

Okay so I’m like supposed to tell both sides to the story? But I’m going to make you click through to the next part to read the rest, okay? Don’t be lame, just do it!! It’s totally worth it because you can see a rad video of Nisreen (!!!) and Sarah and see how hot they totally are!!

First of all? Nisreen (isn’t that the coolest name ever?!?!) asked the stewardess, I mean flight attendant (whatever!) if she could have a bottle of water before the flight took off? But the lady told her she had to wait to get drinks after the flight started!! How lame is that?? I mean what else does the stewar flight lady have to do?? It’s her job!! And then? When they actually were serving drinks? The flight woman totally dissed her and never brought her a drink at all!! As if!!1 She totally knew Nisreen (I’m going to name my next Chihuahua Nisreen!!) was dehydrated and all and she could have died.

And then? Her friend Sarah? She had to use the bathroom? But someone was totally hogging it? And they wouldn’t come out for like hours? And she totally had to go? I guess the lame drink server lady gave her all of Nisreen’s water? Anyway, so she goes back to the bathroom and starts knocking on the door to tell whoever to get out already? And then the guy finally came out and said some nasty words to her? So she totally had to say nasty words back!! Right?? And the flight assistant lady came and only talked to Sarah about what happened and fully blamed her!!

Okay, so like Southwest? Well, some Southwest old hag speakerperson spoker spokesperson said they called the police in Los Angeles? For when they landed? Because “the girls were verbally abusive to another customer … using profanities … and getting in his face.” You know what I think? They were totally being framed!!!

Anyway, so the plane lands? And Sarah and Nisreen were questioned? For like two hours!!1! By Police and FBI agents!! I mean, what are they? Terrorists? Yeah, like they would ruin their awesome shoes with a bomb!!! And then, after? Southwest was all “Don’t you evar come back on our planes!!” And I’m sure my girls were like “As if we would!!!”

Check them out on You Tube (ROCK IT!) and you’ll see the truth:

Tampa 4 Evah!!!

Oh, and by the way? That picture of the stupid airplane at the top? It was taken by some dude named Brian in Toronto? I found it on that most awesome info website, wikipedia? And the Brian dude? He said anyone could use it? Just as long as you said who took the picture and that he put some kind of CC code on it, so I totally am. Even though he’s lame for liking Southwest.

And also? I got some info from msnbc place. I don’t even know what that word spells!!! Whatevs…

Tampa Rawks!!!

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