It’s beautiful out! Let’s meet up!

Has anyone else noticed how freaking amazing it’s been the last few days? Well that’s more than enough reason for us have an event and invite everyone to join us! So we’re teaming up with our friends at Pownce and The Groop and organizing a good old fashioned get together. OK, so it’s probably not that old fashioned since we’re talking about a bunch of web nerds, but whatever. There will be cupcakes and beer at least.

Brunch + Beer with Pownce, & The Groop – Los Angeles, CA
Noon on Saturday, March 22
@ Farmer’s Market (we’ll aim for table space between Lotteria and Starbucks)

Here’s the official announcement on the Pownce Blog, more organizational tid bits on the Pownce Wiki. Also here’s a post on Pownce where you can RSVP (though you need a pownce account for that) so feel free to just post in the comments here as well if you want to show up and make fun of hang out with us.

6 thoughts on “It’s beautiful out! Let’s meet up!”

  1. Sounds like fun to me! You said the magic word: Beer. Now I just have to convince the wife to hang out with a bunch of geeks, rather than just the one (me) she usually hangs out with.

  2. Nerd alert, nerd alert….does that include us photogeeky types too? Kidding, am in unless it rains.

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