Any groups for the freshly dumped?

bheart.jpgA friend of ours dropped a big bombshell on us today. Her husband of 13 years just dumped her. All this a few days after VDay where she gets nice diamond earrings, he professes his love… It happening just before her 49th Birthday so it feels like a double whammy.

She has all her friends for emotional support but knows she needs more. All this came down 5 days ago, so she’s still shell shocked, not sleeping etc.,. Kaiser got her in for a psyche visit, meds to help sleep but she knows she needs more. The groups she can find don’t fit her needs and asked me to help her find a better group.

What she asked for in her own words: “In your blogosphere, have you noticed any blogs or support groups for dumpees ? I’d like to find a nice one. Any one?”

So LA…do you know such a group for some one in her position? Obviously here in Far East LA would be nice but we’ll take what you give us. Drop us a note in the comments if you have a group she can contact.

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8 thoughts on “Any groups for the freshly dumped?”

  1.…go to the ‘he said…she said’ forum.
    They are a source of info and support – even just reading the others story was somewhat cathartic.
    I’m really sorry she’s going thru this – it sucks big time.
    Drink heavily for one week only, then go to the Korean bath and get scrubbed. Get a kick ass attorney and take everything you can possibly get your hands on.
    She might want to listen to Dr. Laura too –

  2. Tell her to get a bike. And ride it. Even moreso if she hasn’t been on one since Reagan was president.

    Sometimes doing something totally and completely out of one’s current lifestyle can have amazing effect. And if she’s in your neck of the woods then the San Gabriel River bikepath around Duarte is an awesome place to start

    That may seem frivilous but it’s submitted sincerely, and certainly offers none of the negative side effects that “drinking heavily for one week” is sure to present.

  3. I would have to agree with Will on that one. Couple of years back, I was dumped by my then fiance 4 months before the wedding with nary an explanation. 2 weeks later, I found out he’d been sleeping with a married co-worker of mine, probably for months. I felt like an idiot.
    I looked for books, a group to join, something that would help me relate…but I didn’t really find anything.
    After a week or two of sheer and utter depression, the lightbulb went off. I told my landlord I was leaving, quit my job, packed my belongings and took them to storage and booked a one-way ticket to LA. Arrived her with just a suitcase and been here ever since. It was the BEST decision I ever made.
    So it wasn’t a bike, but it was something totally unlike me to do. It had a profound effect on my mental health, not to mention my entire life.
    My heart goes out to your friend…

  4. fraz – tell your friend congratulations. And I don’t mean that in a jaded/cynical way. Now that she knows the truth, she’s in just about the best place there is in the world to remake her entire life. It’s the very promise of the West. Turn off the TV, go somewhere outside your house (really, anywhere). And by all means, have a few good therapy sessions too.

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