The Echo Park Time Travel Mart

There are a lot of reasons to hate Los Angeles: endless traffic jams, worthless public transportation, underachieving sports teams, the Westside (I keed! I keed!) . . . but whenever I think about leaving, I remember that I can spend an entire day on my patio reading a book — dressed only in my shorts and a T-shirt — in February.

While searching for the end of the Internet yesterday, I came across another reason to love our fair city: The Echo Park Time Travel Mart, which is one of the most beautiful and awesome art installations I think I’ve ever seen.

Randy Newman, sing me a song, because I love L.A.

6 thoughts on “The Echo Park Time Travel Mart”

  1. Excellent find, Wil! I’m a mile away and I had no idea. Must go check it out — yesterday if not earlier.

  2. I just can’t seem to figure out when they’re ever open – maybe some time in the future?

  3. Wil thanks for having the modesty to wear the shorts and t shirt and not sit on the porch to read your book al natural.

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