64 Things I Hate About You

February 27, 2008 at 9:26 pm in LA, Metroblogging Network, Rants

Help nominate the worst this city has to offer.

Damn you, Los Angeles Magazine. Your concept for a tournament style competition to decide the one greatest thing about Los Angeles is freakin’ brilliant. Or, at the very least, brilliant in a bloggy sort of way. (see L.A. Observed for a summary of the project.)

In short, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first. So, I’m stealing the idea. Well, for the most part. And making it a little bit bloggier: instead of the best, we’re going to nail down The 64 Worst Things About Los Angeles.

64worst.jpgI’m thinking “the paparazzi,” or “Pinkberry,” or “LADOT,” or “drivers who try and turn left out of corner gas stations or strip malls, in spite of frustrated cross traffic trying to make it through the light signal.”

Once we’ve assembled a list of proper length (I like to call it the “shit list”), we’ll reveal it to the public through a series of polls that will determine the lesser of evils, and narrow down the worst of the worst, until only one thing can be claimed to be “the worst thing about L.A.”

Yeah, just like Los Angeles Magazine does for the greatest, but without the expense account. And the winner/loser will be determined much, much sooner (LA Mag won’t reveal their greatest until the August issue hits newsstands).

So, readers, let us know what you think: what are the worst things about Los Angeles? The worst restaurants, the worst streets, the worst celebrities or pseudo celebrities, or even the worst kind of people in the city (we’re brainstorming here – think outside of the octagonal box).

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