LA Water Rocks Your Tastebuds!!!!!

This doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true! Los Angeles won the prize for the best tasting water in an international competition that included countries as far away as New Zealand and Romania! And not only that, it’s the second time we’ve gotten the honor for sweet tasting water…. we won in 1998 too.

That’s no small feat because over 120 water sources lined up to compete for the 18th annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting, which was held Saturday.

We did actually have to share though, the title of best city water went jointly to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which serves Los Angeles, and the town of Clearbrook, British Columbia.

Shocking! Now if we could just figure out if it’s healthy to drink or not.

8 thoughts on “LA Water Rocks Your Tastebuds!!!!!”

  1. I used to grouse about LA tapwater and have used a filter pitcher for ages. Then last fall we got rid of the old galvanized pipes on our 1938 house and replaced them with fresh new copper. Funny how the water tastes pretty darn good now! (though I still filter, just to be sure…)

    And wow those old pipes were GROSS!!

  2. I’ve always thought the water in LA was pretty good when I was in DWP territory in the Valley. Much better than that nasty crap drawn from the Mississippi in St Louis ANY day.

    And too true Julia…getting rid of the galvanized pipes last year and replacing with copper made a world of difference in clarity and tasty here too. Though I do worry about the lead used in the solder.

  3. I’m not surprised at all. I drink tap water at home all the time. But, like Frazgo and Julia, we have brand new copper plumbing which I think makes a big difference. It’s easy to confuse the quality of the water with the quality of your plumbing.

  4. I’m gonna guess NYC didn’t even enter. They would have won – best tap water on the planet, IMHO, since it comes by sealed aqueduct all the way from very cold rivers up north.

    Whereas ours comes via open aqueduct, through cowflop-and-pesticide-impregnated fields in the Central Valley – beneath smoggy skies – 24/7. Someone bribed the judges, methinks.

  5. pipes make the biggest difference.

    I always thought LA water was crap until I moved out of my dad’s house, with original plumbing in from the 30’s, and in to a house with new pipes.

    my water when from cloudy and yellowish to crystal clear

  6. I’ve been telling people for years that Highland Park tap water is the best tasting water in LA! Makes sense, two water-bottling plants are based here (Yosemite, and sparkletts). It tastes best this time of year when the wells are full, and not as good at the end of summer when its supplemented with aqueduct water.

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