Laundromat Tamal


Soon I’m going to follow through with my intention of doing a post reviewing some Eastside Tamalerias; I’ve been meaning to do it for awhile but you know, stuff happens. There just seems to be less time for me to work on my usual pendejadas, pero pronto, you’ll see. But I can safely say the best tamales you’re likely to find in the city are usually the ones from that person selling some on the side just to make a little bit of money. This morning’s breakfast arrived to me unexpectedly at a local laundromat where a woman and her two kids pulled up in their auto with a bounty of tamales stuffed in perfect rows in a steamy plastic cooler. The boy walked around the washing machines repeating the phrase “Tamales” in a bored fashion that couldn’t mask the fact he’d rather be sprawled out in front of his TV watching Saturday morning cartoons. But on such a bleak, cold morning, waiting for the rags to dry, having had nothing to chew on so as to beat the Saturday crush of fellow clothes washers, how can one resist the lackluster cry for a tamal? Click ahead for a pic of the accompanying drink!


Hot chocolatey champurrado, the perfect morning cup. While some of you might look forward to your morning fruit, toast, or pancakes with gobs of syrup, nothing wakes me up like a savory maiz packed $2 breakfast like this one.

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  1. Would you mind describing your champurrado? I only ask because Filipinos also have a champorado (I think that’s how its spelled), its more like a rice porridge that I douse with sugar and milk.

  2. It’s a mix of masa harina (corn based flour), chocolate, piloncillo (a type of brown sugar), cinammon, maybe some milk, and a few spices. It’s basically a thick but nourishing hot chocolate.

  3. That looks so good. Thanks for ruining my Sunday morning as all I have in the house is some cold cereal and soy milk and I was going to try and make the best of it! Alas.

  4. Thing is making me so hungry. At my laundromat we just get a really crusty old guy checking every conceivable machine for spare change.

  5. Tamales are really good, maybe you should inform the readers of the different kinds of tamales.

    My favorite tamales are from some guy in the corner or Lorena and 7th in east los angeles, he is only there in the morning ( Mon-Fri),but he has the BEST green chile Tamales I have ever tasted.

  6. looks scrumpdidlyiscous (sp?!!!)
    2 best tamales i’ve had:
    one made by my friend’s (japanese) mother, the other from a cool couple selling out of their van in the parking lot of my local home despot. (prob’ly your closest hd too)
    you could taste the love and care in both.
    please include veggie recommendations in your compendium.

  7. I saw them selling them one night when I was walking by the laundromat last week.

    You know what would be an even better idea? If someone sold veggie tacos outside the laundromat, say around dinner time, say once or twice a week. No THAT would be a great idea!

  8. Regarding tamales in downtown: There is a booth that sells some good ones during the Farmer’s Market outside the Central Library on Wednesdays (along 5th Street)

  9. There’s a really good tamales vendor at the Oaxacan market near USC. It’s done in a banana leaf, not a corn husk. In fact, it’s totally different from the regular ones. It has this soft texture that’s almost like custard.

  10. I think johnk is talking about the salvadorian tamales, those are nasty, too soggy. When i was younger i had one of those and it had raisins and all kinds of weird shit that us, Mexicans, are not used to. I can believe alot of you dont eat meat, you are missing out lol

  11. Maybe that’s it. It didn’t have raisins though. It had some herb ground into it, and some cheese. That market seems to be Oaxacan, though. Everything is all cultural or something there. I’ll have to try a Salvadorian tamal and compare.

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