Crenshaw Line Joins Green Line in Going Nowhere


The Daily Breeze reports on meetings that are underway to determine the latest rail line that people will not use. This one is known as the Crenshaw Corridor. It has that potential to be a vital North-South route and integral part of a comprehensive rail network.

Instead, it will:

  • Connect the hypothetical Expo Line to the legendary Green Line, and pass within a mile of LAX
  • Run along existing track through an industrial area of Inglewood, avoiding the city’s main commercial thoroughfares
  • Not extend north of Expo to link up with the existing Purple Line at Wilshire and Western, separating “them” from “us”

The MTA will hold two more community meetings to hear public comment on the Crenshaw Line. They want to know if you like trains or buses, and where you would like stations to go. They would also like to talk to you about some timeshare opportunities, as well as a few foreign investments. And they’d like to sell you an elevator pass, and a key for their new indoor pool, located underground near the gym.

10 to 11:30 a.m. Saturday at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles.

6:30 to 8 p.m. Monday at the Wilshire United Methodist Church 4350 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles.

4 thoughts on “Crenshaw Line Joins Green Line in Going Nowhere”

  1. Holy Crap. This is so lame.

    Here’s why I like Paris (one of the many oodles of reasons why): You can be almost anywhere in the city, pop down into the metro and take any series of trains and get to any other part of the city, or if you prefer to OTHER COUNTRIES! You can go to London for the day by getting on the metro right near where you live.

    What is wrong with Los Angeles?

  2. What’s wrong with Los Angeles are the people who FIGHT EVERY improvement. Metro has been cowed financially and politically into a corner, proposing only those projects which have a political chance to get built.

  3. This is bullshit. Metro better not create a system like Boston’s where you have to go downtown to switch lines. The North-South lines should link as many East-West lines as possible.

  4. Actually I think the crenshaw line would be a great idea if there was money, but there is not.

    The bus if a fine option, but if people claim the middle class like the sexy rail option, then if it would work anywhere south of the ten, that’s the spot it would work.

    The crenshaw line is right in the heart of Middle Class African-American LA.

    If there were lines built everywhere, but in that spot, I’d have to call foul. I’m not for rails, BUT if you’re going to waste money at least waste money in everyone’s neighborhood.

    Baldwin Hills, Leimert Park that’s the heart of the middle class Black LA.

    I think people would take it. My dreadlock vegan artsy friends who ride their bikes around Leimert Park and try to convince me that incense will cure my negative attitude; I’m pretty sure they wouuld take it.

    If people take the 210 bus, which lots of people do, I’m sure they would use the rail option.

    If the Crenshaw line were to happen it would have to link up with the Expo AND with the Purple Line or I would call BS very loudly.

    The parts of Inglewood it goes through according to that map are fine, since really unless you live in Inglewood why would you go there? Though I never got Culver City either and look what happened to that place.

    I think the fact that the potential crenshaw lines goes though some of the neighborhood in Inglewood where people actually live is fine.

    Crenshaw and Manchester borders a cute little place where the blocks have various themes during the winter holiday.

    I know pretty much all of LA, south, west, east, and north. I know every detail of every neighborhood, because I have friends everywhere.

    Now the problem with this, is with all of the other potential rail lines, the MTA is going to run out of money.

    I predict a bunch of half finished rails that won’t get done until 2029. I’m just not seeing how in this economy that this makes sense.

    Teachers are going to get laid off in certain school districts because of the budget cuts and people think we have money to play with trains?

    Just remember the NY 2nd Avenue line, started building it in 1972 and then, look up NY in the 1970s to see LA’s future anyways it’s still not finished…


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