Hallucinogenic substance available and legal in Los Angeles

They call it “Sally D,” “Sage of Seers,” or “magic mint.” It can cause the sensation of out of body experience, heightened senses, and frightening hallucinations. And it can be found for sale, legally, at any number of headshops in Los Angeles.

Salvia divinorum, commonly known as Salvia, is a mind altering “psychoactive herb” that has yet to be regulated under the “Controlled Substances Act.”

According to reviews on Yelp, the  Mike’s Smoke Shop in Hollywood is a particularly location to purchase the hallucionogen.

Daniel Siebert, a Malibu resident and expert on salvia, sells dried leaves by mail for $125 per ounce. His bio also claims that he has “worked with” salvia “under the guidance of Mazatec shamans” who have used the plants in rituals and for its spiritual properties. On his website, salvia is described as being, “physically quite safe,” and non-toxic.

“Salvia is not a stimulant, it is not a sedative, it is not a narcotic, it is not a tranquilizer.” However, salvia, which can be smoked or chewed on, “can alter perception and behavior.”

In today’s Daily News where I first read about the “herb,” (print only) a San Bernadino County Sherrif says that one woman who used salivia had a terrifying experience:

“She had a burrito on the table,” he said, reporting her hallucination. “It grew legs and teeth and started to attack her.”

A California State bill that was introduced last year attempted to add salvia to a list of controlled hallucinogenic substances was denied.

13 thoughts on “Hallucinogenic substance available and legal in Los Angeles”

  1. I’ve never tried it, but salvia isn’t new. It has been available for as far back as I can remember. It was once touted as a ‘weed’ alternative.

  2. Plan on a trip at warp 9 speed for about 30 seconds. Your perception of reality is ripped apart temporarily. Watch Altered States for a good idea of how jacked up you’re going to get.

    I wouldn’t recommend it.

  3. You can legally buy it online from a ton of different vendors (for much cheaper than $125 and oz. btw).

    I would recommend chewing live leaves instead of smoking dried ones- the high is really intense (for better or worse) and lasts about 30 seconds if smoked. If chewed, it can be a nice mellow journey lasting a while.

  4. I remember reading that!

    It was Officer E. Hemingway, and the woman was A. Anin, and she was on holiday from being lovingly beaten and berated by Mr. Miller, who himself had taken a sabbatical to visit Ms. Khalo while she was allowing neither Trotsky nor Diego “indoors.”

    Was the burrito’s name Ishmael?

  5. I always get the extract much more intense, and the videos on YOUTUBE are a bunch of bullshit. I have yet to see anyone do any of what is going on in those.

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