Skies Look Clear — Lunar Eclipse Time!

The clouds are huddled low to the east which means that eclipse watching should be fine this evening. Peak time is between 7 and 8 PM. Don’t forget to step out your doors and take a look.

Officially, the eclipse is happening now, but I can’t see the moon yet. I’m quite pleased that the weather is cooperating!

Please let us know if you watched, took photos, etc, in the comments.

15 thoughts on “Skies Look Clear — Lunar Eclipse Time!”

  1. I can’t see the moon either – it’s missing!

    I hope we get to see it better later. Darn these clouds!

  2. At 6:10 I saw it peeking out through a break in the clouds from my boss’s corner office on the 10th floor here near the Culver City/Westchester border. From my office down the hall it’s blocked by the building next door dang it.

  3. 641pm – totally clear – moon’s almost gone!

    It’s moving really fast – almost feels like you can watch the progress!

  4. At 6:58 just as the final sliver was left the clouds rolled back in and obscured it all out here in outer monrovia.

  5. About 6 minutes until the maximum totality, according to my astrocomputer, which I built myself from alien technology that was stolen from — oh shit, I’ve said way, way too much.

    The eclipse looks awesome, though. You can all thank me for using my weather machine, also built from stolen alien technology that I captured from the future to modify the microclimates around Los Angeles just for this event.

    Crap. I did it again.

  6. Houston is all rainy…. I had to watch the Lunar Eclipse on some software. Total bummer – been looking foward to this for a couple weeks now.

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