From abLA :: Last Show at Raid Projects

Raid Projects’ Max Presneill has announced that the gallery is closing. Honoring their past ten years in Los Angeles they are hosting their last exhibition, Swap Meet, on May 3rd and are inviting all artists to participate:

Bring along a small art work on that evening to hang then and there. After this we ask that you find another artist’s work that is hanging and speak with the artist about swapping it with them if they are so inclined. This can be done numerous times throughout the evening until we close at 10pm. The idea is we all get to meet artists new and old, many whom have had a show at Raid Projects in the past, and enjoy the night. Hopefully we will all make some new friends, as many of us have in the past via the Raid Project openings, and reminisce fondly about Raid Projects and its tenure in the Los Angeles art scene.

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