Dodgeball and Kickball Leagues in Los Angeles

(No, that’s not the Lunar Eclipse…)

Were you picked last for kickball in grammar school? Were you ever referred to as “easy out” in dodgeball? Well now that you’ve finally grown and have spent some time in a gym, here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

The Los Angeles Dodgeball Society (“Winning is for Losers”) is expanding its leagues to bigger groups and more days to play. League Play starts this week and there are teams for every level of player. (Huge apologies for being late on this.) There is the “Stay-Puft Marshmallow League” for less intense play as well as the “Charles Bronson League” for the more hardcore player. You can also go on Sunday afternoons (1:30) for general open play. The group is about fun, good music and beverages after, bullys and douchebags need not apply.

If kickball is more your speed, the World Adult Kickball Association has leagues all over LA and the OC for your red rubber ball pleasure. Sign-up is open now for league play (and demand is high!) and games start in March and April, depending on the division. Click here to find a game in your neighborhood. (Along with the postgame bar nearby.) WAKA is a national organization and raises money for charity. In 2007 they raised over $200,000 for various charities in each division. Nice job!

Go reinvent your childhood. All details after the big rubber ball.

Brings back memories, huh? (A friend of mine plays kickball on the Westside and claims it is a blast. He keeps trying to get me to join, but I just can’t bring msyelf to line up and choose sides…)

Los Angeles Dodgeball Society
League play starts this week!!
Stay-Puft (Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 and 9pm)
Charlse Bronson (Wednesdays at 8 and 9pm)
Hollywood Rec Center
Cahuenga and Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood.
League schedule is 9 weeks, $50

World Adult Kickball Association
Various leagues starting all over town in March and April
16 teams of 26 people in each division and demand is HIGH
$60-70 per person depending on location.

(image of kickball players by Amnewsbo and used under Creative Commons. Image of Big Rubber Ball found on a Birmingham Blog which said they found it on the Birmingham Kickball MySpace Page, but I couldn’t find who to give credit to.)

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  1. Been playing kickball for years in two different leagues… I highly suggest anyone looking for something fun to do on a weeknight join up. Join up especially if your new to LA… and since it’s Coed you can always find someone to spend the other nights with :)

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