SkidMarks: K.I.T.T. is a Camaro Trans Am

hoff-knight-rider.jpgWhat holiday?

  • Intruder In The Surf skips the waves to take a four-hour management test for the City of Los Angeles. The math section? Guessed right through it.
  • Is Mayor V pushing his Pico-Olympic plan to get back at Luke Ford for Mirthalagate?
  • Think About It hates the new Knight Rider, and breaks down all the reasons why. I just thought it was because of the writers’ strike. And the actors’ strike. And the producers’ strike. And the editors’ strike. And a lack of common sense.
  • justJENN takes the kids on a weekend of fun in the city, and takes pictures along the way.
  • And Random Rambling From Sunny Southern CA blogs about his new couch. It’s tan. It’s almost velvet. It’s ready for you, ladies. Giggitty, giggitty.

3 thoughts on “SkidMarks: K.I.T.T. is a Camaro Trans Am”

  1. Camaro? If you’re talking about the original KITT, It was a pontiac firebird… the car in the photo the Hoff is sitting on.

  2. I’m so glad you corrected it, as a matter of fact one of the K.I.T.T trans ams was sold on ebay a couple of years ago.

    Fine line between the camaro and firebird. Every odd year one had a different power train option but after that….a Big Z or a screaming chicken on the hood was about all there was to help you tell the difference. Oh…one was the official car of bleach blonde trailer trash secretary’s in the 80’s. But that’s a better flame for another day.

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