The Readers Strike Back!

Some of this week’s most popular comment threads: Anonymous vs. Scientology; Ways to Improve Public Transpo; New Resident Fee proposed; Ginger Balls; Diablo Cody’s Body, and more…

Project Chanology / Anonymous vs. Scientology IRL showdown in LA: Sean Bonner paid a visit to last Sunday’s protest outside the Scientology Center. Mack Reed’s version of events also generated significant chatter.

10 Ways to Improve L.A.’s Public Transportation System continued to be a topic of conversation. Over at Metrorider LA, Fred Camino presented an additional 10 ideas that would help (and I’d agree might have a better impact on the system).

L.A. Needs To Charge A Relocation Fee: Jason Burn’s plan to create a mandatory fee for new L.A. residents (especially New Yorkers) was received with mixed reactions: Commenters couldn’t agree whether to hang him or send him to a firing squad.

Fox Searchlight ‘defends’ Jennifer’s Body with a cease and desist letter against a blogger for printing a script review for Diablo Cody’s screenplay, a follow up to her Oscar nominated “Juno.”

I’m a hop head: Ruth666’s is having trouble stocking up on ingredients for her (hypothetical) meth lab due to the freakin’ Feds controlling cold medication.

Who’s Poisoning Cats in My Neighborhood? Helen Jupiter asks.