It Caught My Eye: Birds Of…
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Biking back to Silver Lake from a visit to the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning, my wife Susan and I found this phenomenal Audubon-esque mural on the south side of Fountain Avenue a block or so east of Gower whose size looks someday be doubled via the next section of wall to the right. In the lower right corner it’s signed by an “Elkpen,” but a search of the google gave up no related info.

6 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Birds Of…”

  1. Very nice hand-lettering as well as the framing. (I especially like how the birds break out of the individual frames.) But where is the rest of the title? Stated is “Birds of.” Perhaps it is a work in progress?

    Is this on the way to the school that cuts Fountain in half?

  2. Bustard, the section of the wall to the right as been outlined a bit so I’m guessing the artist plans to add another half. That panel will probably complete “Birds of” with either “the Neighborhood” or “Hollywood.”

    And yes this is a few blocks west of Le Conte Middle School which was known as Junior High back when I was a student there.

  3. I happen to know that “Elkpen” is one Christian Kasperkovitz. She also has a mural above 5544 Hollywood that you can see from the north sidewalk called “Birds of Hollywood.”

  4. That’s amazing. How come this hasn’t been publicized before?

    At first look I thought it was like one of those natural history books from the Depression, or put out by National Geographic back then. Both the layout and the lettering of the word Birds could be dated back then!

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