Tree Contradiction

I don’t know how well the ‘Million trees‘ plan is working out but here’s a planter in El Sereno that someone thinks could use a sapling. I like this sort of suggestive graffiti, especially when it expresses a worthy sentiment. Though that civic mindedness seemed absurd when I saw the remains of the tree right next to the planter, the roots of which you can see on the upper right hand corner. Click ahead for the full pic.


What’s the point of growing trees if someone’s just going to come by and butcher them like this? Que malos son.

4 thoughts on “Tree Contradiction”

  1. “You can be heroes, just for one day.”
    I think the term is ‘phantom planters’.
    I was shocked when I noticed so many corn stalks on Pico Blvd. during the Great L.A. Walk November 2007.
    That planter will need lots of care during summer; something in the ground would be better.

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