Brian Wilson & Kris Kristofferson with Was (Not Was)

Q: What do these three musical acts/musicians have in common?

brian%20wilson.jpg kris%20kristofferson.jpg

A: Nothing!

Ok, well, one thing. They are all playing together at the Orpheum–one of LA’s most beautiful crown jewels in terms of old theaters–on Valentine’s Day night. And you can win tickets! Just comment below, either telling us just why we should choo-choo-choose you, or possibly telling me a story about one of those random cartoons that come up when you google images for Was Not Was.

I also gotta say, Kristofferson is STILL a fox, and I’ll always love Brian–he’s a trooper and a visionary.

6 thoughts on “Brian Wilson & Kris Kristofferson with Was (Not Was)”

  1. I need tickets to see this show because WNW is too clever to play around with a live perf and I’m counting on them to tear the roof off the sucka. I have seen this several times and can’t live w/o my dose…
    you see, I’m addicted to WNW.

  2. Boom boom, shaka laka laka boom.
    The only thing better, of course, is “Hello, Dad! I’m in jail! I like it here. Its nice!”
    Unfortunately, I don’t qualify for these contests.

  3. I know every lyric to What Up Dog? (the whole album) and I’m pretty sure both my sons do too since I played it ad infinitum during my schlep-them-to-school era.

    Once I met Andrei Codrescu (the NPR commentator) and he said something about “Spy in the House of Love.”

    “Oh, I love THAT SONG,” I gushed, not knowing about the book by Anais Nin (So embarrassing…I had the boring English class with The Light in the Forest).

    I need these tickets because, “Goddamn, I forgot my wallet.” Will you be my credit card?

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