Better than a styrofoam mission!

mission%20tiles.jpg Today I stumbled across the perfect option to the styrofoam Mission Model that most every 4th grader opts to do when they get to the CA History Module. On my meander around town today just checking things out and taking photos I found these gems, little art works in progress.

Saint Rita’s Elementary in Sierra Madre partnered with a couple of Monrovia merchants to come up with the best alternative for the project. They are making Mission tiles and tie it into the history of CA as that was one of the things done at the missions to decorate them. The kids show up at Paint n Play on Myrtle Avenue. The first part of their lesson is the drawing and historical significance of the symbols and is taught by Betsy Thurmond from the Kid’s Art Fine Art Studio .

Once their decorations are in place Rachel Quimayousie at Paint n Play works with the kids to get the painting and glazing done. A firing later and voila a little piece of art celebrating CA history instead of a chunk of styrofoam in a landfill at the end of the school year. It’s actually a nice little keep sake, a remembrance from when they were little for the parents. I wish my kids had that option when they had “the project” to do.

pic by me, get’s a little bigger.

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