Sherman Oaks Walks Funny

sidewalk.jpgIn December 2007, the Brookings Institution ranked the 30 biggest metropolitan areas in terms of their “walkability.” Los Angeles came in at #12.

I snapped this photo today on Riverside Drive in Sherman Oaks.

Does it show:

A) Blatant disregard for the handicapped
B) Blatant disregard for people who walk in straight lines
C) Blatant disregard for Port-O-Potty placement
D) All of the above

5 thoughts on “Sherman Oaks Walks Funny”

  1. At least there’s a pseudo-bicycle class II path there! Where the sidewalk ends is all quite common in Sherman Oaks and in many parts of the Valley.

    That as well as public dedication to the right-of-way or lack thereof, depending on when the building was last permitted for construction. Moorpark, Coldwater Canyon, Valley Vista, etc… one moment, you’re on the sidewalk, another, you’re forced to walk on the street.

  2. ok, this is creepy, that picture is at the corner where my grandmother’s old house is, and my dad’s house behind it.

  3. I actually grew it in the blue house(my dad’s house) behind the white one on that corner.

    very small world

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