The Readers Strike Back!

Some of our biggest conversation starters over the past 7 days: Marines get the Berkeley boot; Polling station not camera friendly; Online polling; Winnetka massacre; Ways to improve public transpo; and more…

Berkeley Kicks Out the Marines: Jason Burns says Los Angeles is nearly as crazy as those unfriendly to the military in the Bay Area.

Is it illegal to take a photo in a polling station?: Probably not, but everyone has an opinion on it anyway.

Take’s unofficial Primary Election Exit poll! : Obama trounces all competition, Ron Paul actually wins one, and at least on Prop S is defeated.

SWAT veteran, 4 others killed in shootout: Mack reports on the shooting of Officer Randal Simmons, the first LAPD SWAT member ever killed in the line of duty, during a standoff that began after the gunman killed 3 relatives. Another officer was also shot, and the gunman was eventually killed by a police sniper.

10 Ways to Improve L.A.’s Public Transportation System : Don’t want to hear suggestions that include astronomical taxes on parking and gas? Then don’t read this post.

Other entries causing chatter: Jason Burns asks, Did The Jewish Community Kill The Valley Subway?, Rob Noxious vs. AT&T, and L.A. Opera teams with Cronenberg to bring “The Fly” to the stage.

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