Putting The Ad In Bad: Sterling Strikes Again

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2008/02/sterling-thumb.jpgBy the looks of the latest Donald Sterling real estate ad (pictured at right; click to quadruplify) in today’s L.A. Times, one can muster hope that the noble efforts of the Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation to get the mogul to un-uglify his print ads (first mentioned by Sean Bonner here last February) might be having some success.

Arguably this half-pager is sporting design improvements over some of Sterling’s advertising anomalies. But whatever gains he may have made in that arena are pretty much entirely negated as I’m left WTFing why Donny T.’s company has opted to use a southeasterly facing photo of the downtown Los Angeles skyline as seen from somewhere near 4th and Beaudry or maybe a southbound lane of the 110 Freeway in a promo touting the penthouse vistas of Long Beach’s 691 South Irolo’s penthouse as the “Most Beautiful Views in Long Beach” and “One Million Dollar Views.”

6 thoughts on “Putting The Ad In Bad: Sterling Strikes Again”

  1. LOL…Hey is he not renting to black people in Long Beach too?

    You know, I’d kind of forgive the ad agency a bit on this one. 3 or 4 years ago, there used to be a Long Beach lofts website, and on the front page they had 15 photos. 12 of them were downtown Los Angeles, 2 were Santa Monica and on was of the Queen Mary. Maybe it’s the same guy do the ads.

  2. I think the “Long Beach” is a misprint. Google shows no such address in the LBC. Also, Sterling has a building in Koreatown, on Irolo that probably has an address of 691. It’s a highrise, so the idea of views of the skyscrapers of Downtown is not unrealistic.

  3. Greg, the view might not be unrealistic if the property in question is in K-town, but that only opens up another WTF in the fact that the ad mentions Long Beach not once, but twice — and with a 562 area code phone number to boot! I could forgive Donny or his ad person using a stock shot of the downtown skyline, but not knowing where the hell the building’s located? That’s an EPIC FAIL!

  4. For a decade, I’ve been complaining quietly in my head about the ugliness and just plain tackiness of DTS’s ads. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one.

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