6 thoughts on ““It’s over.””

  1. It ain’t over til people are back to work.
    WGA still has picketing scheduled for tomorrow. The Oscars haven’t been confirmed.
    Eisner can call it over all he wants, but until the ink on a contract is signed it means absolutely nothing.

  2. sure its over. the fuggin WGA rolled over and gave up their non-fiction brothers, not to mention the screwing they put on the reality writers (aka:”producers”).

    no respect for their selfishness. prime time writers get their (larger?) cut while everyone else suffers…

  3. Boy, talk about Can’t Win For Losing –

    If the writers stand their ground and try to get what’s fair, the whiny uprising swells up for everyone who’s put out of work by their “selfishness.”

    Pretty hollow when you consider that when any of their unions strike they sure as hell put on the pressure not to cross THEIR picket lines.

    But if an agreement is reached that may contain more compromises than the writers prefer, now they have to contend with more/other whining that they somehow sold their brethren out.

    The strike is 100% justified, but it’s still not a good thing to have going on.

    If it’s over I’m glad it’s over, but if you’re looking for someone to cast as the bad guy, it ain’t the WGA.

  4. ruth 666 thats bullshit. the FICTION writers got theirs and every NONFICTION writer got screwed because the FICTION writers chose not to support and include the NONFICTION writers.

    Know the facts before you start flapping yer gums


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