Where my Girl Scout cookies at?

gccookies.jpgI smell Samoas out there somewhere, but haven’t run across a cookie sales table at any of my neighborhood Ralph’s yet.

Has anyone seen Girl Scout cookies for sale yet anywhere around Los Angeles, or have any idea on how I can find some?

9 thoughts on “Where my Girl Scout cookies at?”

  1. I pre-ordered mine from a co-worker. She said they should be in around Feb. 20. Don’t know if girl scouts will be selling them before though. I hope so!

  2. eek, my coworker’s daughter said the deadline was last friday to pre-order. you should have posted earlier so i could get you some!

  3. Any Girl Scouts reading this? SuperLuckyCat will buy a ton of cookies from you, look us up on the web and get in touch…… PLEASE!

  4. there are usually girl scouts set up in Larchmont Village over the weekends, unless they’ve been replaced by a Mrs. Fields…

  5. I am the Cookie Chair for my daughter’s troop.

    The first orders go in this week. The first pickup of cookies is Feb. 23rd. That’s the earliest you’ll get a taste.

    The ‘booth sales’ will likely open up the next weekend, March 1st.

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