From abLA :: When Does the Market End and the Content Begin?


The fourth installment of ART LA ended last week and some of the verdicts are in (links provided below). Emma Gray on the Saatchi site had the same impression of the fair that I did; that it was enjoyable, an improvement from last year, participants were pleasant, work was generally good yet far from perfect, etc. Her write up, like mine for Art Review, concentrated more on the fair itself rather than the standard art fair statistics. This more overall analysis a healthy alternative to the obligatory sales/price mentions, gossip, and Hollywood sightings. Happy that Artnet Magazine’s Walter Robinson made it out to Los Angeles for fair week, I was disappointed that his Culver City gallery mentions were focused on artwork prices rather than artwork content. It’s fine to give sale prices/states for fairs because that it a hub that exists solely for commerce whereas galleries should be hubs for ideas…continue reading on