Super Bowl Party Burrito


So what does a $40 Super Bowl Party Burrito from Marquez Restaurant in Monterey Park look like? Click ahead to see!


There it is, in all it unimpressive glory. I picked up this meat filled burrito for some friends and half expected to need 3 people to carry it in, one on each end and one in the middle, like some 12 ft. long sandwich on a board. Man was I disappointed.

Here’s the address, in case you want to rush over and get one, though I can’t see why you’d want to do that. I’d rather get 16 bean and cheese burritos from Chapalita.

1965 S. Potrero Grande, Monterey Park

5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Party Burrito”

  1. 8-12 people?!? Three friends and a couple pitchers and this thing’s history in 45 minutes. Then it’s tequila and a smoke before the second half.

  2. Yeah, for $40 I’d expected something a lot bigger. I could only imagine the mess halfway through that thing. Still, now I want to have a huge burrito at my house.

  3. my neighbor got a 6 foot sub from Socko’s in Westwood for the game and it was delicious. Giant burritos just don’t it for me, how do you even cut it up and make it work for a crowd? Still, fun idea.

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