Press @ Monrovia YMCA

I arrived at the YMCA here in town to watch the last of my youngests basketball practice to find KWHY trucks all over the place. There was one camera crew set up in the beginning then another set up while I was leaving.

It was interesting to see one of our youth being interviewed. My spanish is limited to a good time in TJ but one of the mothers translated. The interviewee was telling the reporter that he and the kids live in fear. They don’t like the gang war. They get text messages constantly about something bad going to happen. He talked about the school lock down for the last week.

I chatted with the reporter after I introduced myself, he asked me if I believed this was a racially motivated. I told him for the thugs in the gangs they are acting like it, but for this community it is not that.

When I went in I saw Cody, my daughters friend since Kindergarten and asked “what’s going on”? There was some sort of mess up in published dates for the Youth Alliance prayer night and the press was there looking for people to talk too.

As we were leaving the “Y” I spotted nearly 100 kids from the Youth Alliance marching from their prayer meeting to the “Y”. Finally the press can see the other side of Monrovia. These are the good kids in town, those trying to stay out of trouble. The next generation that may with luck change the things that caused the gang war to became a crisis for our community.

pic by me with the trusty cameraphone.

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