First Ride Arc of 2008: Tonight!


That’s right kids, it’s been months, MONTHS since RideArc closed down for winter vacation, and by “closed down” I obviously mean “stopped sending out wordy e-mails filled with clever puns about riding bikes around Los Angeles.” But no fear, they are back, Fresh for 2008, you suckas! Whatever, what I’m getting at is that the first Ride Arc of the year is tonight, and it’s going to be awesome so come on out. In case the graphic above wasn’t a total give away, tonight’s ride is LA River themed, and sound like it will be extremely flat and around 20 miles. This means anyone with a bike can pull it off. Anyone who isn’t scared of the *around 40 degrees* temps that are being predicted for the evening that is. Meeting point is at 9:00PM in Chinatown (here’s a map of the location) and we ride by 9:30. See you there!

One thought on “First Ride Arc of 2008: Tonight!”

  1. i’ve always wanted to take my Kayak down the canals. I wonder how quick I’d get arrested or have 5 media helicopters talking about how dangerous it is and will I be saved?

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