The Kodak Theatre is Obama Central

This is the second Metroblogging dispatch from the CNN Debate at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Keep an eye on the front page or our politics category for updates, or check out my Flickr page for more photos throughout the day.

As previously mentioned, Barack Obama supporters are swarming around Hollywood & Highland in anticipation of their 2pm rally. Here’s a quick collection of pics from some of the early birds…

DSC_0134.jpg DSC_0124.jpg
(Left) This man is wearing a tie under that t-shirt. (Right) I really hope this guy didn’t have to bring this sign by bus.

DSC_0147.jpg DSC_0144.jpg
(Left) The D.Lush smoothie kids. (Right) Regular ‘ol “can do” kids.

Guarding the signs.

3 thoughts on “The Kodak Theatre is Obama Central”

  1. Nice…I so want to be there right now, but I can’t! :(

    I’m going to make a flickr badge of your photos to put on my site. That’s right! I’m stealing your photos!!!

    I’m liveblogging the debates tonight and will make sure to link up my bloggy peeps with

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