Meet Chase, bomb sniffer

This is the fourth Metroblogging dispatch from the CNN Debate at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Keep an eye on the front page or our politics category for updates, or check out my Flickr page for more photos throughout the day.

DSC_0079.jpgFor the kids, and suckers for dog photos, here’s the canine who I need to sniff my camera each and every single time I leave and come back into the press room. I’d be annoyed, but Chase is cordial, and always lets me pass. Even though, for some reason, he lingers on my camera a little too long each time. Does it smell like bacon?

For obvious reasons, I couldn’t get a photo of him sniffing my stuff. So below are a couple of him checking out other’s bags. At right, Chase and his human, Donna.

DSC_0193.jpg DSC_0192.jpg