Feb 10th Anonymous Call To Arms

0101110104070116132008012993d727a7712f9bee530018dd.jpgI’ve been blogging about the Anonymous Vs Scientology situation (previous posts here and here) and it now seems like Anonymous is planning an all day protest event here in Los Angeles on Feb 10th. This posting on craigslist contains the following “V for Vendetta” inspired poem:

Legion will carry
the 10th of February
The flock’s at your gate
Your clocks are all late
A mass will convene
on the L.R.H. scene
An S.P. you’ll wish for
when you see what we fish for

It also says “Masks, silence and law abidance strongly encouraged.” The folks over at Epic-FU have more on the other Feb 10th plans that Anonymous seems to be working on around the country, as I said before this is going to get interesting…

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