CNN’s Election Express

This is the first Metroblogging dispatch from the CNN Debate at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. Keep an eye on the front page or our politics category for updates, or check out my Flickr page for more photos throughout the day.

DSC_0082.jpgThe streets around the Kodak are closed off, but pedestrian traffic is strong… mostly Obama supporters. As much as I’ve tried and asked, nobody seems to know where the Hillary supporters are… one rumor is that a couple have been spotted on Franklin.

Anyone wanting to take a peek at the action can visit CNN’s Election Express – a mobile marketing tour that has spent the last week in the Los Angeles area, including the 3rd Street Promenade, a Simi Valley Mall, and, of course, the Reagan Library. After today it makes one more private stop – a high school in Ontario – but today will be the last chance for locals to check it out.

The highlight of the Election Express appears to be a button maker, which is ironic considering the amount of technology attached to the bus. The bus also features a mock electronic voting machine that polls you on different issues, than makes a custom graphic symbolizing your choices. After answering some questions about the war in Iraq, it labeled me an “Elehawk”. Anyone can also leave a political message or whatever other scribble they want on their “graffiti board,” which already by 11am had some passionate screeds and, of course, a regular ‘ol tag. As I was leaving one girl was writing an endorsement for Kucinich.

After the jump, more pics from the Election Express.


DSC_0100.jpg DSC_0105.jpg
The graffiti wall.

DSC_0085.jpg DSC_0122.jpg
What’s an Elehawk?

DSC_0090.jpg DSC_0097.jpg
I had to make a button for myself.

DSC_0108.jpg DSC_0098.jpg
(Left) Inside the bus. (Right) Voting machines by Time Warner.


2 thoughts on “CNN’s Election Express”

  1. The Clinton supporters are here now. Seems like they showed up outta nowhere.

    Love the “No Drama, Vote For Obama” shirts some dude is sellin’.

  2. You should be very smart to see that most of the media is always attacking Hilary Clinton no matter what and always twist what Hilary said from something postive to negative or turn some from nothing to negative. On the conrtray, it is so obvious that media delibarately avoid asking about Obama’s thin experience in governing and foreign affair. For any recent college gradudes and people looking for a job, they know the number one criteria for employers to look at is the candidate’s relavant experience. Without experience, it is very hard to find a job in real life. President of the United States is the most important in the world and a real job, but somehow, the media never think the experience is so crucial to lead the country and to solve difficult problems. If the media succeed in promoting Obama becoming the President of the United States, it is going to send very negative message to all the young kids – the only thing they have to learn and to do is to win a Speech contest; forget about math and science and experience buildup. Also, from now on, we don’t have to spend so much money and energy on election. The winner of a national high school student speech contest will be qualified to be the President of the United States since proven experience and actual knowledege doesn’t count according to most of media and Obama. Look at what mess we are in for the past 8 years with George Bush who has no understanding and real knowledge of international affair.

    We are not electing a King who does not have a real job and power. We are electing a President who has to work really hard and solve real difficulty problems that require extensive experience on issues both demestically and internationally. The only candiate that has the right and extensive experience is Hilary Clinton. I am wondering if some people in the media and the country somehow is still not ready for a woman President, which is against everything the United States has tried to promote – equal opportunty for everyone. Vote for Hilary Clinton — the next President of the United States!

    I email you this message because I feel that you have enough experience and knowledge to understand and agree to what I said above. Could you please read this message on your show on TV and other shows on CNN?

    ( I am a highly educated woman with a Ph.D in science, not a low-income, single mother.)

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