Primary Numbers

4mayors.jpgFour mayors leave Oakland on a bus traveling at 65mph to campaign for a Presidential candidate, with stops scheduled for Sacramento and Los Angeles. Two of them are cheaters. Both have been divorced. The candidate herself was once cheated on by a President, who now campaigns for her.

How many cheaters are campaigning for the candidate? If she wins the primary, will it mean that the candidate has won by cheating?


Photo of the Four California Riders from KNBC

6 thoughts on “Primary Numbers”

  1. “While the mayors joined the town hall meeting in Oakland, they left their biodiesel bus in idle.

    Four limousines trailed the bus on its journey throughout the state, NBC affiliate KNTV reported.”

    Hahahahaha. True to form for these SOB’s.

  2. Since Edwards dropped out and he was the only one I was even considering to think about maybe on a long shot voting for (maybe) I’ll be glad if Nader gets in the race again. It seems fitting that primaries based on likeability and not on issues would have a limousine crew out stumping for those they wish to ingratiate themselves with in hopes for political appointments.

    This election season has me more disgusted than 2004 as it could be a clean break with the past, but will just be a continuation of politics as usual.

    Consider the possibilities – cheaters do sometimes win – remember the ’00 election…

  3. We were talking about this on BooMan Tribune a couple of weeks ago. Clinton seems to have an inordinate amount of cheating mayors on her team.

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