Ticket Giveaway: Autolux at the El Rey this Friday 2/1

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2008/01/Autolux%20elbow-thumb.jpgIf you know Autolux, you already understand why you should be at the El Rey show this Friday. If you don’t know them, take a minute and check out their songs here or here. Go on–click over and give a listen right now. Great, right? Right. They’ve been compared to My Bloody Valentine and Can, and toured with Nine Inch Nails, Clinic, and the White Stripes, among others. It would be wrong (methinks) to label their music “punk rock,” but hear this: In 2002 Carla Azar, their drummer, shattered her elbow falling from a stage. Doctors said she might never play drums again. Six months and eight titanium screws later (see the x-ray on the right, lifted from the Autolux site), she was in the studio recording their first album. Now she’s slated to play drums on the next PJ Harvey/John Parish album. And that’s punk rock, folks. Find out how you can win tickets after the jump.

Here’s your chance to see Autolux without having to go to Coachella (the horror…the horror). This is the kind of show that will earn you authentic hipster cred with your kids’ friends one day in the future. “Really, Mr. Smith?? You saw Autolux when they only had one album out? Back in 2008? Wow–you are cool.” We have two pairs of tickets to give away. Just leave a comment telling us why you’re punk rock enough to deserve the tickets. Winners will be randomly selected from the comment-leavers by Thursday morning.

5 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway: Autolux at the El Rey this Friday 2/1”

  1. I love cute cuddly puppies and kittens and I don’t care who knows it! How’s that for punk rock?! …no? Well, I tried.

  2. I’m so punk rock that I listen to Autolux! And I wear tight plaid pants with chains and zippers! And I have liberty spikes!

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