The Mayor Wants You to Ride the Bus


Antonio Villaraigosa unveiled his 2008 Traffic Congestion Relief Plan today. He stressed the importance of public transportation in reducing congestion.

According to KFI, he arrived at the news conference by bus…and he blamed the bus for being late. But, he still thinks you should ride it anyway.

Sometimes you just have to laugh about it all. You know, while you’re driving home from work in your car.

Photo of a shiny new bus that exists in a vacuum… free of traffic, questionable passengers, and the laws of gravity

13 thoughts on “The Mayor Wants You to Ride the Bus”

  1. then could he either make it cheaper for the lower income people who currently use it or make it less sucky (severe overcrowding, blasting infomercials, unpredictable schedules, homeless refuge) for people who can afford any other alternative?

    and why does syncing traffic lights cost so much?

  2. I took the metro for 3 years in LA before I got a car last February because I couldn’t take it anymore. I don’t know one person out here that stuck it out as long as I did. I would like to hear from people that are doing it now, and have been for longer! Please tell me how you stay sane? Do you have a million crackhead stories like I do!?
    Sometimes when I’m sitting in traffic, I think about my bus days (i hardly rode the subway/rail due to the fact that they go nowhere) and I think I might start to miss it, then I get home in an hour instead of 3 and shake that thought right out of my head.

  3. Y’all would just wither and die if you ever had to live in NYC.

    Also: It’s ridiculous to ask for lower bus fares. $1.25 each way, no matter how far you travel, is SUPER cheap. Try New York’s $2 fare ($5 for express buses). Or Seattle or San Francisco’s $1.50 fare (not incuding “peak times”). LA’s ride-anywhere fare of $1.25 is no more than that of New Orleans.

  4. Mayor Mike in NY always takes the public transport. Antonio taking the bus probably made it very hard for lots of people, since it probably had all kind of security on it. The people who can actually afford to ride the bus in LA (people who work for themselves, work from home, rich parent, rich spouse…) owing to the busses issues with being on time won’t ride the bus or even the train on a regular basis.

    And that’s a shame, because they would rather go out and be green by buying organic diapers or special light bulbs or going out of their way to not wear a 3000 dollar coat made out of animal fur as if that in the larger scheme of things matters more than being addicted to your car in LA.

    Driving in LA is doing more to kill the planet than anything else, so if you’re driving please stop writing or stopping me in the lunch room to talk to me about anything in regards to “mother earth” because you don’t care. The next hot thing will be happening in a few months.

    1.25 isn’t cheap for a “maybe it’ll show up, maybe it won’t” system. 1.25 isn’t cheap for no security, disgusting interiors, disgusting bus stops and just a half [email protected]@ attitude across the board from the MTA.

    (And it’s not the people who ride the busses fault. It’s the MTA’s mismanagement. I take the Montebello Line through East LA, through a place that had at one time the most dangerous public projects in the United States, and guess what? The busses are on time, clean, and the bus stops have shade and are always neat and tidy.)

    The MTA doesn’t pay it’s drivers crap. There is no customer service. In NY at 1am in Brooklyn you can ask for help from a person. They have customer service people, who actually perform customer service AND you the base fare you pay in NY you can ride however far whever you want for as long as you want, no paying again and again each time you get on an off a train, which is INSANE in a city as big as Los Angeles.

    So what’s that money paying for? Oh I know construction and towing people who drive cars off the freeway and paying off the board members friends.

    The system in LA doesn’t work for the vast majority of people who take it. The MTA should stop stealing everyone’s money to pay for their freakin friends and stop making poor people pay for rails, train, and luxury commuter busses that carry less people. Alot less people.

    1,300,000 people take the bus weekly.
    275,000 people take the trains.

    Sometimes is way wrong there and something is way wrong at how the services that work are split up at the MTA.

    Roger Snoble is a joke.


  5. I have done the bus thing in Los Angeles off and on for some fifteen years. I imagine that the MTA–about whom I have been bitching for nearly as long–would consider me insane. But like Mike Muir so eloquently “sang” on that debut Suicidal Tendencies LP (which I bought when Frontier first pressed it), “I’m crazy?! When I went to your institutions?” et al.

    I have more stories than I can recall. And I know that schmucks such as Tony V, Roger Snoble, Pam O’Connor and Tome Horne are sorry to know that, unlike the spineless BRU, there is an Angry New Yorker in town who has lived round the world who has no sympathy for their duplicitous bullshit, and is doing something about it. And this bastard has some considerable experience in print, military and the gov’t even if he is going about it all differently. (Granted, it might not be entirely effective, but nothing yet in this second-largest city in the USA has worked with respect to public transit, so give it a chance.)

    Tony V should be sued for wasting so much money every time his aging playboy arse gets on a bus. (First there was that tagging incident and Tony V’s juvenile outburst; now there is his dumb arse on a bus and acting as if it is an anomaly that the damned thing is late!)

    Are Angelinos so stupid to accept this crap, or are the politicos and bureaucrats so damned dim that they think we are?

  6. Mock all you want, but I’m looking at the good side of this: If everyone in LA took the bus, then for once people really will have an excuse about being late, instead of them actually being lameass idiots.

  7. umm I’ll go ahead and say it: more bike lanes? one going down melrose the other going down la brea. All the way down. Or sunset or any street from start to finish going north to south and east to west. Clear to the ocean!

  8. I can’t afford a car, so I’ve been struggling to take the bus for the past 3 years I’ve been living in LA county. The local Foothill Transit is better than MTA in some ways, such as cleanliness on buses, but the lack of rapid transit and night service really makes life difficult. It took me over 3 hours round trip to commute from Glendora to Pasadena (10 mi away) or Industry (15 mi). I had high hopes for the Gold Line extension, but it looks like it’s not going to happen now. The only bright side is that Rio Hondo College gives me a free unlimited bus pass for MTA and Foothill as a full-time student.

  9. my husband and i have been riding the bus for over two years because we were tired of powering up foreign oil to get anywhere.

    with a little planning (and a child-free life), it can be done!

    there are times we do need a car and then we rent a Flex (now Zip).

    anyway, it would be nice to be able to safely bike more and to not wait 20+minutes for each bus!

  10. Almost every time I take the Metro bus to get somewhere, I say a silent prayer of thanksgiving that I’m not one of those people who rely on it to get to work. Constantly late, sometimes not there at all, and with ridiculous headways–sometimes as infrequently as once per hour (um, sorry boss, I know I’m an hour and a half late again, but…).

    And Metro is making things worse by breaking up the longer lines, which means that people with a long way to go will have to spend more time standing outside waiting for connecting buses that may or may not be on time or show up at all.

  11. “And Metro is making things worse by breaking up the longer lines, which means that people with a long way to go will have to spend more time standing outside waiting for connecting buses that may or may not be on time or show up at all.

    Posted by: Percival Cornelius”

    And you know the thing that angers me the most about that? Is that the busses are broken up so you have to get on the rail and then continue your trip , so busses that used to go all the way through, now get to stop in the middle for some BS, so the MTA can up the numbers of the people taking the rails and hemorrhage even more money with lies of how it works and how it’s so great and how so many people are using it.

    The gold line will not be finished, they are already making up excuses, but I’ll tell you why they aren’t going to finish it, because the economy is on life support, so it’s not going to happen. And no one has any money left to pay taxes on a public transport system that everyone who has even spent a little time on knows is completely run by a bunch of morons.

    The numbers of who is riding the rail is inflated, because they force people coming in from East LA and South LA (where most public transport riders live) to get off lines that used to be long to get on the red line or gold line or blue line then they have to get off and connect to another bus, and if it’s past the hours that the rails run (because we know the rails don’t run pass 12 am so if you clean houses early in the morning or work security at three am, you are screwed), well we all know how the busses work.

    The MTA needs to be investigated and sued for stealing people’s money, because they seem to be real obsessed with people stealing from them. The MTA is willing to spend millions of dollars on five percent of fare evaders.

    Maybe they should get they should get the same treatment as the five percenters. You don’t pay 1.25 you get fined 250 dollars, so the MTA throws away millions of dollars I’m thinking a fine of at least a billion dollars paid out to the public transit riders would be more than fare, it’s not like it’s even 250 the amount spent like regular people fare evaders.


  12. Hell, I wish they were breaking up the long bus lines to force people onto rail, because that would mean that there’s rail to force them on to. But that’s not the case. They’re breaking up long lines that are miles and miles away from the nearest rail station, so there’s got to be some other reason.

  13. “Hell, I wish they were breaking up the long bus lines to force people onto rail, because that would mean that there’s rail to force them on to. But that’s not the case. They’re breaking up long lines that are miles and miles away from the nearest rail station, so there’s got to be some other reason.”

    No there isn’t another reason. This it what happens since the MTA is mismanaged they get money from the gov’t to run. They can say, “This line doesn’t go far enough, if you gave me more money to finish the rail then these people could get from point a to point b.”

    The people who approve the money buy that insane line of thinking, because they don’t take the bus (also they don’t care) they give MTA lots of money.

    The MTA gives building contracts to their friends that take years and years to finish. Who cares if it actually helps anyone, because it’s all about hooking up your friends, but since they have lots more money to play with (including yours and minds) it makes it just that much more horrible.

    So unfortunately there is no other reason, but to waste your money as to the reasons of why they are cutting the longer lines.

    You’re not a person. You are something to use to help them get more money.

    Look at this company,

    Tutor Saliba, they seem to be friends with EVERYONE the built the red line, they are building something for the LAPD downtown, pretty much anything built in LA is built by the above people. The city of LA should just make another department and name it the Tutor Saliba department.


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