Monrovia Gang Wars make evening news

Sadder than “film at 11” KABC7 visited Monrovia today their story and teary eyed interview with the father of the teen shot over the weekend can be found HERE.

The story accurately defines the problem between incorporated Monrovia and the county areas and how both MPD and LA Sheriff each have different areas of responsibility but are working to fix it.

What bothers me most, what makes it most vile is this bit released from Lee Baca earlier today. It is reported on the Crime Scene Blog and it involves “Day Day” a good kid, a church going kid who’s brutal shooting 2 weeks ago hit home for us as my daughter has known him for years. We all knew he had no gang ties which was alarming, the information from Baca’s office left us recoiling. From the Crime Scene Blog:
“Monrovia update
2:51 p.m. Conversation with Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca from Hector Gonzales.

He’s concerned about this spreading into the innocent population a task force in place.

“This is going way over the line now” Baca said while using words like “savage” to describe the current state of affairs.

Baca also said Day Day was intentionally targeted because he was NOT a gang banger”

The publicity is good as the more that are aware the more that will stand up and demand the county and city resolve also the crimes and help get this area back on track. I hope.

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  1. It has gotten worse. Crime Scene reports another murder only blocks away from some police activity serving search warrants related to an earlier killing.

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