Curb your human

My girlfriend was walking with a friend yesterday when they narrowly dodged some “land mines” left in the grass. For some reason, this led to her friend, who owns a chihuaha, to concede she doesn’t always pick up her dog’s poop.

“They’re only the size of a quarter,” she said.

My girlfriend’s not so receptive reply: “Four quarters still make a dollar.”

The friend added that she’s also being environmentally friendly, since picking up the poop would require the one time use of a plastic bag. She was serious, and had clearly thought this out on long walks with her dog.

They’re out there: people who actually think up reasons for bad behavior.

Anyone like this in your neighborhood?

12 thoughts on “Curb your human”

  1. Yeah, like there’s no other option besides a plastic bag for taking care of the business. Has she never seen a pooper scooper?

  2. Yes, I have a couple of idiots like that in my neighborhood. If I catch them doing it I say something.

    On two occassions the individuals refused to discuss or do anything about it. I got a shovel and delivered it to their front porch step. I rang the bell and told them everytime their dog craps on my lawn, walks or driveway they will get a similar delivery. I never had another landmine left behind after that.

    I don’t care if they think I am asshole. I am one and if it solved my problem I am happy. The rest of the neighbors gave me applause.

  3. I’ve got one of those “jaws of poo” devices that I use in the backyard, but it’s gotten so bad out on the street that I’m actually thinking of either carrying it with me when I walk our dogs — the better to pick up the many other piles left — or just doing the occasional solo poop sweep of the block.

  4. Well MA it being biodegradable is true. But don’t forget that when it get’s washed off into the storm drains we have coliform problems at the beaches.

  5. Anyone like this in your neighborhood?

    Yeah. All of them. The people in my neighborhood don’t even walk their dogs, they just open the gate and let them out to go poop on their own.

  6. Cherokee Avenue and June Street. The same people bring their dogs out day after day and let them do their “business” all over the grass. I’ve asked a few people to clean up and the attitude I receive is one of “why should I”.

    Someone should start a website where we can upload a photograph of the people letting their dogs soil our neighborhood – kind of a name and shame thing. That might make people think twice.

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