Tallest Building in Los Angeles

tower.jpgGeorge Bush doesn’t like Los Angeles.

In his last State of the Union Address, W. talked about foiled attempts to attack the U.S., and mentioned a plot to fly a plane into “the tallest building in Los Angeles.”

Isn’t it time we gave that thing a name and stuck to it, like, forever?

Should we call it:

A) Library Tower
B) First Interstate World Center
C) The U.S. Bank Tower
D) Independence Tower
E) Tall Boy

14 thoughts on “Tallest Building in Los Angeles”

  1. I imagine that like the PanAm in mid-town Manhattan and 6th Avenue in the city (re-named the MetLife and Avenue of The Americas, respectively) which are not called by their new names (except by the USPS, and we know how inept that monopoly is), it will always be called the Library Tower no matter who owns and names it something else.

  2. Libary Tower is how its always been to me, even after years of the “FI” at the top. If recollection serves that is the original name something to do with a libary being on that spot at one time or another. Too lazy to look it up, just remember Library Tower was the name given to get everyone to agree to building it.

    We needed it then and the others that followed to give Downtown a true “downtown skyline” to signify its importance to the area.

  3. when the central library went thru renovations back in the early 90’s an agreement was reached between the city, the cra and the library commission…developer maguire thomas partners bought the air rights over the library for 125 million and were given permission to build a structure that exceeded normal height limits at the time, hence the library tower. i believe the gas company building was also in the deal as well.

    that’s my short and sweet version. i’m sure others will chime in…with more official detail.

  4. MA you made me laugh, a good obscure Egyptian symbol that no one can easily pronounce befitting the tower would be perfect. I leave that to your able hands.

  5. I believe Bush referred to the US Bank Tower as the Liberty Tower back in 2005, when he first mentioned the attempted attack on the building. To me, it’s the US Bank Tower because it’s easy to identify the US BANK sign on the crown, but for obvious reason, it will also always be the Library Tower.. but.. I must say President Bush’s mistake is quite appealing and could allow the tower to become an icon in just one more way than it is now. So the Liberty Tower would be great, but, it is the Library Tower with a US Bank nickname. Whatever the hell I just said. ha ha.

  6. How about the Freedom/Democracy/Capitalism/Liberty/I’m better than you tower?

    or we could just continue calling it the library tower, after all library tower has a slight more interesting story behind it than the US Bank Tower. (Purchased air rights from library). Also, do we really think US Bank will always be there? Anybody ever look at all the bank names in the 80’s and 90’s?

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