Happy 50th Anniversary, Lego!

Picture%2010.pngAs much as I loved from Star Wars and GI Joe figures, I can’t argue with anyone who’d say Legos are the best toy ever made. Besides being practically indestructible, they’re good at just about any age – heck, I still like building sets – and even work with the toddler level Duplo blocks. Today, Lego celebrates the 50th anniversary of the patenting of the timeless, clickable brick.

If you’re in the mood to go buy a set but want a more diverse selection than Toys R Us and don’t want to head to Downtown Disney, check out Mr. B’s Bricks in Redondo Beach. According to their site, in addition to a wide selection of Legos, including “hard to find” and “retired sets,” they offer rentals of large sets, can be used for brithday parties, and have classes.

Blogger “Bad Mom, Good Mom” wrote that when she arrived last year for a “Mommy and Me” class at Mr B’s she was immediately seperated from her kid and given her own set of Legos to play with. Horrified? Hardly.

He said that the point of the class was for kids to explore on their own without parental intervention. He gave me my own Lego Mindstorms kit and sat me down at a table at the other end of the classroom. Whee! I set to work immediately to build my own counter-balanced drawbridge.

I have no kids, so I need to find out what it would cost to rent one of these.

Mr. B’s Bricks, 2301 Artesia Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA  90278, 310-371-8638

7 thoughts on “Happy 50th Anniversary, Lego!”

  1. Ha. Rent? Just borrow I have two and one still likes his lego’s only its the “bionicle” sets that get him going

    We have tubs of Lego’s and Duplos. The lego’s include some of my originals from when I was a kid.

    Now both tubs will be saved and passed onto grandchildren when the timing is right.

    And trivia…did you know duplo and leg will interlock?

  2. What about Hot Wheels? It’s their 40th anniversary this year, they’re a much cooler, and just as painful to step on in the dark!

  3. Much cooler!

    Plus, Mattel’s main offices are in El Segundo, so at least their local. Lego is Danish. Clearly the Hot Wheels Anniversary is more applicable to the Metroblogging LA crowd on that fact alone.

  4. Rentals for the large sets, including the Millennium Falcon, are $10/wk. Our neighborhood has the distinction of having not just Mr B’s Bricks, but an inventor who makes up new Hot Wheels in his backyard studio. Way cool.

    How local are Hot Wheels manufactured in China? Or Legos manufactured in China or Czech republic?

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