Staples Center: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head

I attended today’s Lakers game against the Cavaliers. Toward the beginning of the first quarter, play was delayed for about 5-10 minutes due to what appeared to be a leaky roof. Large drops were falling on the court near the Lakers’ basket.

According to this report from Fox 11, it was not the roof at all. Some careless roofers had left their wet clothes on the high rafters. Soon, the clothes became heavy and began to drip their excess onto the floor below.

While the game was delayed, workers with flashlights roamed the ceiling looking for the cause. Play resumed shortly thereafter. I found the whole thing amusing: it appears the Lakers returned, if only for a few moments, to their wet origins. At any rate, it was a telling portent: the game was a wash with the Lakers losing 95-98.