Read this post before getting in your car.

Photo by vgm8383, used under Creative Commons.

From traffic maps to live freeway cameras to radio info, a quick roundup of sites and tools that might help you make better decisions on routing before hitting the roads – especially during a downpour:

  • has an interactive map providing traffic flow info at a glance and incident information.

5 thoughts on “Read this post before getting in your car.”

  1. Hah. I google mapped on my phone AND used before I left from west la to go to valencia the other day…got stuck in some massive traffic due to some accident or something that apparently happened AFTER i left. perfect timing >:(

    …or was it me misreading a yellow as just average traffic?, a small bit of yellow that turned into bloody red everywhere in less than an hour. 30 minute trip ended up taking almost 2 hours.


  2. Nice list, Brian. I’ll add a bullet point directed people toward the LAFD’s list… which includes some help for Bustard and others using and promoting public transit…

  3. Hey David:

    This is off-topic, but remember that Dead Pool contest you started on Jan 2nd for tkts to see Siouxsie Sioux?

    It appears my pick #4 kicked the bucket yesterday – 27-Jan-2008: Mormon Church President Gordon Hinckley dies of natural causes in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    I couldn’t quite figure out how to pm you sir.

    (a big Siouxsie fan)

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